…or a Citizen of the United States…


So… all this birther talk was recently getting to my head. I realized that I had not really taken a look at the part of the Constitution that talked about US citizenship and eligibility for the presidency… at least, not since 8th grade, or so. And so, I checked out Article II of Section 1 […]

Let’s get this out in the open


Yesterday, I read an Alternet article about how Wikileaks planned to release a video today (April 5th) that shows innocent civilians being killed by our military in Baghdad. They even held a press conference with the National Press Club this morning about the releasing of this video. Through a Twitter search, I finally found the […]

If it’s illegal when they do it…


Recently, parts of a Special Review by the CIA Inspector General office became generally available. It is both an illuminating and frustrating read, partly because of the nature of its content and partly because some of its content is redacted. Of what’s available to read, plenty is disturbing and really gets your mind thinking about […]