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The new Eclipse Mars comes with some notable improvements, particularly the new installer. I figured I would always be dealing with Eclipse through a zip archive, but it looks like they are finally trying to make things a little easier for us.

So, there was a little change in the beloved Remote System Explorer plugin as well. As this FAQ explains, it looks like RSE is now a separate project from TM, or Target Management. As a result, when you install the RSE plugin in your new Eclipse Mars installation, you will notice that the Launch Terminal command is no longer present. I suddenly realized this to my great consternation, and I was lucky to find a a bug report for this sparingly discussed issue.

As you will notice from my comment, my continued scouring of the Internet finally led me to a YouTube video with a comment that addressed this very issue. It turns out that you now have to install at least two separate plugins, TM Terminal and TM Terminal View Remote Systems Explorer add-in, which are found in the regular Install New Software window. After installing them and restarting, if you right click an RSE connection, you will see the Open Terminal… command which will let you use the familiar RSE SSH terminal. From what I understand, they’ve set things up now so that such a terminal capability is now more amenable to extension/customization. I’m simply glad that this feature is still available, even if some labor is required to get it back. I do not see any mention of needing to install the separate plugin when I peruse the Target Management site and FAQ. I hope this article is of use to other Eclipse and RSE users.

8 thoughts on “Eclipse Mars RSE Terminal”

  1. Colin Primett says:

    Thanks. I was looking all over for this.

  2. jhalbrecht says:

    Thank you for posting this. I found it particularly annoying that I still had a ‘terminal’ menu item after installing RSE, but before adding these extensions. Spent a bit of time trying to _fix_ the terminal that apparently wasn’t installed! It would be great if RSE would put a popUp with a note about terminal. It seems, to me, to be a perfectly natural assumption that a terminal would be included with a remote ssh linux configuration.

  3. Shackleton says:

    Thanks, this article is of use, since I just installed eclipse mars and was looking for the terminal…

  4. Ahhh. Exactly what I needed. The instructions work like a charm. Thanks

  5. Schuh says:

    Much better now, thank you!

  6. NT says:

    Thank you, man!

  7. NT says:

    Btw, does anybody know how to change the colour of the terminal?

    1. spencer says:

      The closest you can get to changing colors of the local terminal in Eclipse is to go to Preferences -> Terminal -> Invert terminal colors. Otherwise, it looks like the latest TM Terminal will integrate your actual local shell environment, or at least I see it doing that for CMD in Windows. It does not appear to be using the layout I’ve set for cmd.exe but instead always uses the default black background and white text.

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