Three Cups of Hoo-Boy

Literature, Social Issues

In Outside magazine‘s article “Greg Mortenson Speaks”, the interviewee addresses some of his critcs’ claims, but he doesn’t do so too thoroughly. He does admit to Three Cups of Tea containing some embellishments created by editors during the writing process, which he insists he protested. He maintains that he accidentally stumbled into Korphe after not […]

On Expelled, Expelled Exposed and Expelled Exposed Exposed!

Social Issues

If you know the movie Expelled, then you are probably also aware of the site Expelled Exposed, created by the NCSE. However, you may not be aware of the site “Expelled Exposed” Exposed! I had been waiting for some time for a rebuttal to the claims from Expelled Exposed, and apparently such a thing has […]

Let’s get this out in the open


Yesterday, I read an Alternet article about how Wikileaks planned to release a video today (April 5th) that shows innocent civilians being killed by our military in Baghdad. They even held a press conference with the National Press Club this morning about the releasing of this video. Through a Twitter search, I finally found the […]

This is what I see


I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and came across this passage that very clearly describes the struggle of making the piece of art you have in mind: She could see it all so clearly, so commandingly, when she looked: it was when she took her brush in hand that the whole thing changed. It […]

The Digital Age


As some people have mentioned on the comment site for this video, books are being pirated all the time, whether or not they are on a digital format. Not releasing your book into such a medium will not guarantee protection against piracy. Alexie’s fears seem to be all over the place, I don’t think any […]

If it’s illegal when they do it…


Recently, parts of a Special Review by the CIA Inspector General office became generally available. It is both an illuminating and frustrating read, partly because of the nature of its content and partly because some of its content is redacted. Of what’s available to read, plenty is disturbing and really gets your mind thinking about […]

Finite Jest


I might have to take a break from the old Wallace masterpiece. I just reached the chapter where the game Eschaton is explained. In this chapter is a long footnote that forces the reader to jump back into Calculus, particularly in recalling the use of the Mean Value Theorem, or dive into it for the […]

It’s Here! It’s Here!

The Site

It’s finallily here!! Thank you for exhibiting such award winning patience as I practically scramble to become just basically familiar with PHP and MySQL. It’s been a long road (as I’ve faced the world alone), and more awaits ahead. There’s much to talk about, to parse through, and to share, and hopefully we can stick […]