The Art of Denial

Politics, Social Issues

It has been a great challenge to hunker down and keep sane while besieged by the unhinged ravings and actions of our unfortunate President (of the United States). I have been at a loss for words during most of this, but every now and then something happens that prevents me from remaining silent. I trust […]

Getting at what Matters

Human Behavior, Politics, Social Issues

The tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri should never be forgotten, especially the circumstances leading up to it. Although it has been said before, there was much more than race involved in that terrible event. These problems strike at the heart of what it is to be human. In such moments, the darkness […]

Please register to vote… or don’t…


I’m having a hard time understanding the outrage behind these Voter ID laws I keep hearing about. In the State of Colorado, one is given a variety of methods to register to vote. When you obtain a license, and probably also when you obtain any other kind of Colorado state ID, there are sections of […]