The right now reviles wiretapping


Do conservatives not remember how they were very unconcerned about the government potentially spying on citizens before Obama? Do they not remember how they were defending Bush’s government during the whole FISA controversy? This NYT article, which says the NSA‘s mission is “to spy on communications abroad”, caused quite a stir back in the day.

Some of us are still jolted by the ferocity with which conservative outlets beat the Bush war drums. Today, you won’t find such enthusiasm from Fox and The National Review behind Obama’s War on Terror. Now that news agencies are the victims, and Bush is no longer president, wiretapping random citizens is scary stuff. This comparison of Hannity then and now by the admittedly leftist Media Matters for America says it all:

Also, take a look at the Senate hearings with Eric Holder and cybersecurity officials.

What say you?

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