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There's no reasoning with this dude

There’s no reasoning with this dude

I have total appreciation for Masha and Nadia’s bravery, but if they keep taunting Russia to re-incarcerate them, their country will certainly oblige them. I hope Pussy Riot’s most outspoken members consider the consequences of this. They are sure to be more productive out of jail.

Even if you compared their actions to those of, say, the Freedom Riders, at least there were people here with real political power who eventually came around to their side. From what I can tell, there does not appear to be such individuals in Russia. Politics is already assumed to have this unscrubbable surface of corruption, and those who are able to affect (that is to say, influence) Russian policy are a select few. Putin’s last election made it very clear how their system of government is not exactly “by the people”. On top of all that, it looks to me as though liberalism is stile widely shunned in Russian society. That’s quite a mountain they’re trying to move.

So keep agitating, but once a Cossack whips out the pepper spray and actual whips, you may want to continue your discussion in a more level-headed forum.

What say you?

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