New Fiction: The Wrong Twin


Regardless of whether or not you asked for it, new fiction written by yours truly is on its way. For a while now, I’ve contemplated how to go about sharing things I write, and I’ve decided to just use the giant forum known as the Internet to publish my own work. I no longer ascribe special status to printed text or any particular publisher. I will simply declare copyright, via Creative Commons, for things I’ve made and I welcome you to read and critique.

For your intrigue, I present to you a longer short fiction piece called The Wrong Twin. You will note how the action takes place in a particular time period among a particular demographic. You might have objections about the portrayal of these, or you may even wonder why someone would write such a thing, or who the guy who wrote this thinks he is anyway. I welcome all of your comments and questions. Please don’t hold back or think you might upset or offend in any way.

I can’t guarantee any specific regularity in releasing literature, but more is sure to come…

What say you?

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