Filezilla is not adware


I’m surprised that this needs clarification, but imagine my confusion when, as a DevCamp mentor for teens, I inform students about FTP clients like Filezilla, only to receive email from a concerned parent who was very understandably displeased to see their antivirus software throw up red flags for this very familiar program. I eventually found out that programs like Norton Internet Security can be suspicious of the Soureforge installer since it can potentially install adware that is most likely unwanted. Fortunately, all of this can be avoided by viewing the additional download options at the Filezilla site where you can find zip archives and the regular adware-free installers, but here’s a brief guide and getting to the normal install through the Sourceforge program. Their current installer works a little differently than not too long ago, but you will still see a not-too-obvious option for not installing any extra software:

Sourceforge Filezilla Install - Optional

Nothing much to fear from Yahoo and Google, but you surely have your browser and search engine situation taken care of. So, make sure those two options are unchecked and then click Accept. Now, you’ll be taken to an offer that you just can’t refuse. Literally, it would seem:

SF Filezilla Install Results Hub

As I said, how can you possibly refuse? It really doesn’t look like you have a way out, other than to click Decline.


SF FileZilla Alternate Install

Ah, is that so? It turns out that clicking Decline in the first offer would have simply moved you on to the next step, as well. Once you’re here and click Install Now, you will be taken to the true installer:

Filezilla Regular Installer

Remember, avoid all of this by downloading either the zip archive or normal installer from Filezilla’s additional download options page.

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