A Path Towards Continuous Integration

Linux, Sever Administration, Technology

I recently got PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk tests to pass for AIP Demos when either running Dusk in an OS with a graphical environment or one that is using xvfb (X virtual frame buffer). I also got them to run on the container created by TravisCI. It took quite a bit of trial and error, […]

An Up-To-Date Web Server

Sever Administration, Technology
Everything a server should have

Take a really close look at this. Notice how the version of phpMyAdmin says “up to date”? See where it says the mysqli functions are being used? Notice how there are no errors about the pma tables and users? See that web server version? Apache 2.4.9. That is the most stable version of Apache and […]

Get FedUp


Just like the guide says, this is the most successful path to upgrading modern Fedora versions: sudo yum update fedup fedora-release sudo fedup –network 20 This upgrades from Fedora 19 to 20. Adding the –reboot option to fedup will automatically restart the system. You should then see a System Upgrade entry in grub’s menu. Selecting […]

Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows 8


My good web admins. Please allow me to share with you an Apache, MySQL, PHP installation success story. It’s a story that shouldn’t be exclusive to any one person, and an experience that should be easily recreated by anyone, and the instructions of which should be easily findable through your favorite search engine. But the […]