An Up-To-Date Web Server

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Take a really close look at this. Notice how the version of phpMyAdmin says “up to date”? See where it says the mysqli functions are being used? Notice how there are no errors about the pma tables and users? See that web server version? Apache 2.4.9. That is the most stable version of Apache and the one that any production server should be using.

It’s astounding how most web servers out there use very old software. A recent machine I worked on only had version 3 of phpMyAdmin, depriving users of all the benefits of excellent features like bookmarks, query history, and remembering your settings if you enable the pma tables and control user.

The current stable branch of httpd is 2.4.  It is a popular misconception that Apache has been abandoned. Please go and see for yourself how they recommend the 2.4 branch over all the others, as it is still in active development.

There is no use pretending these versions don’t exist. Take some time to look for a repository that provides them. CentOS people, you’ll be interested in the Red Hat Software Collections. Read that Control User wiki page for phpMyAdmin to learn how to add those features. This is for the sake of security as well. Help make the Internet smarter and safer!

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