Getting at what Matters

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The tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri should never be forgotten, especially the circumstances leading up to it. Although it has been said before, there was much more than race involved in that terrible event. These problems strike at the heart of what it is to be human. In such moments, the darkness […]

The Essence of Politics

Graphic Arts, Literature, Politics, Social Issues
An obese woman talks to a friend about unfair medical treatment

I was very privileged to have a brief Twitter conversation with Alli Kirkham, one of the many thoughtful, talented, and concerned contributors at Everyday Feminism. It was my first visit to that site, as I had been informed of the Politically Incorrect Man comic after seeing it reviewed by the Amazing Atheist. Like most things […]

“Black Somewhere Else”

Literature, Social Issues

Sorry for not sharing anything for a while. I was actually going to write about a Paul de Man essay I encountered. I was not all that familiar with him until I found his essay “The Resistance to Theory” in Modern Literary Theory 4th Edition. I’m sad to say that the more I’ve learned about […]