Perpetual Damage Control

Politics, Social Issues

 As Maddow aptly concludes, this conversation will be closely studied in the present and future, if not directly shown to journalism students. I really think this is one of the most important dialogues between the US left and right since The Great Divide, we’ll call it, aka. The 2016 Election. If Republicans were thinking […]

My first repository


My first GitHub repository is a PowerShell script that mirrors the functionality of the a2enmod Perl script in Debian. I was hoping to find some parallel to that script in Windows, but the Internet showed me nothing, so I decided to whip up my own. See the man pages of the original commands. First, run […]

It’s been a long time, cousin…

Technology, The Site

As you can see, I finally decided to step into the wonderful world of WordPress, and I may never go back. You can now feel free to leave comments as long as you leave your name and email, and are respectful, of course. When I started this site, my intention was to independently manufacture all […]