It’s been a long time, cousin…

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As you can see, I finally decided to step into the wonderful world of WordPress, and I may never go back. You can now feel free to leave comments as long as you leave your name and email, and are respectful, of course.

When I started this site, my intention was to independently manufacture all of its content, using nothing but IDEs and my knowledge of web design. That turned out to be a lofty goal, as I admit I don’t have immediate plans to becoming a designer of blogs. But making so much of this site from the ground up has been an invaluable experience. I definitely feel comfortable rigging up a light to medium weight content management system with PHP at this point. For this site, it would be in my best interest to use a good system, like WordPress, for blogging so that I may wreak havoc elsewhere.

At this moment, my interests are still many, but there are two areas where I’ve focused my efforts the most: writing and making software. I still have a third, albeit more dormant, interest in continuing to study Japanese, but if I’m to get anything worth while out of such a pursuit, I will definitely need to concentrate. I regret that right now, my situation is not all too steady and certain.

On the software-making front, I finally made a move and got into GitHub. It’s the perfect place to show people what you can do and help out in projects that people use a lot. That is one excellent community of intellectually minded people right there. Check out my profile to see what I’ve been up to, which has mainly been trying to improve the wonderful debugging utility php-console.

Also, if you live in or near Boulder and would like to join a free writing workshop with very good people (and decent writers, in my book 🙂 ) then check out Tuesday Fiction Writers.

What say you?

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