Docker on Windows 10

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It may not look like much, but the above screenshot is one of my finest achievements to date. I was having a lot of trouble getting Docker to launch on Windows 10. I found a lot of people online in the same boat, as the problem was with VirtualBox’s Host-Only Ethernet Adapter. A screenshot on SuperUser helped me realize that I needed to enable the VirtualBox Bridged Networking Driver on the Host-Only Ethernet Adapter to get it to actually work:

VB Bridged Network Adapter

It’s a shame that even though VirtualBox is kind enough to install this Host-Only Ethernet Adapter, it does not install the necessary Bridged Networking Driver to make it work. Anyway, I hope this is of use to anyone trying to get Docker to run successfully on Windows.

Update 8/27/2015

After vying with Docker on Windows for about a week, I’ve come to the conclusion that they just need to make it work properly on Windows. I can start the VM with the docker-machine command, but then docker has trouble recognizing that the VM is indeed available, so it returns errors thinking that it is actually not running. I decided to try Vagrant and it was an instant success on Windows. No hassle whatsoever. And so, if you want a portable VM solution that works on every operating system today without hassle, Vagrant is the right choice.

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