It’s a Tear Down…

The Site

You may notice something a little different… not as much flare and pizazz. A little light on the colors and significantly less dynamism. In a word: minimalistic.

I have decided to use my own theme to get a better appreciation for the innerworkings of WordPress. I am delighted by how they make a lot of basic functionality easy from the start, and the template system is very intuitive. They have come a long way from their modest beginnings. It is really proving to be a versatile canvas for managing a blog-based web presence.

It’s time to really build something I can call my own. You will see a lot more sophisticated apparatuses over time, but the build up will be gradual. There may not be as much a focus on visual stimulation as in the past, and I hope that too many are not disappointed. As this corner of the Internet continues to define it’s place in the world, it is my goal to intrigue you, the audience, with content of interest to some and significance to many.

What say you?

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