Me and the Cap’n made it happ’n


El Capitan Installed

I, and the rest of the developer world, was rather shocked to receive an invitation to preview the new version of OS X: El Capitan. I was confused by the name, until my good coding colleague made me privy to the mountain in Yosemite Park, so it all makes a lot more sense.

Of course, in my great excitement, I foolishly ignored the sage and constant advice I found in forums where it was recommended that I install the new OS on another partition rather than on the part of the disk where I normally work. I went ahead and just installed it and of course things did not immediately go smoothly.

Lucky for me, the only real problem I had has been experienced by others who had one of the Norton Antivirus programs. The firewall in that program may not work right after upgrading, and in my case I just had to uninstall it in order to restore networking. I have not yet reinstalled it, but I’m considering waiting until Norton officially supports the new OS X. If anything, I hope to share with the world that if you upgraded to El Capitan and your networking is all messed up, it might be a firewall program. The big giveaway for me was that when I tried to ping anywhere other than loopback addresses, the command said “Operation not permitted”.

I’m also having trouble starting Box and OneDrive (or so I thought until I realized that I only needed to renable the option to start on login), and there’s always a message that comes up on login about problems connecting to iCloud, but it seems to be able to work with my iCloud account fine otherwise, after clicking “Later” when the warning appears:

El Capitan Errors

Be sure to take a look at the Release Notes for known issues and important notes. For one, if you want to use Xcode, you’ll have to use the beta 7 version.

What say you?

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