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Life is Strange Episode 3: aka Attack of the Clones

aka Attack of the Clones

Wow… it took a moment to collect myself. This is one extraordinary adventure and well-deserving of all its accolades. Max Caufield is a modern day Holden Caulfield, which I’m sure is exactly what they were going for, what with that “Catcher in the Rye”-looking poster back there.

The scenarios that one experiences in this game can vary greatly so not everything described here may ring with the same truth to others who have gotten this far. I’m in the process of replaying and I currently view these scenarios very differently than when I first played through. As always, beware of spoilers within.

There is an overarching message in this story that is so important that it requires reiteration: Not all of your well-intended actions are helpful. It is important to notice when you are doing actual harm to someone. This game really challenges you to make what is not always the clear right or wrong decision. Some actions that appear to be overtly harmful seem like they would have been very helpful down the line, although there are other courses of actions that can also help. I predict there was much careful planning in how all the decisions could effect what could happen later, as I would expect in such a masterpiece. If anything, this game is a great technical achievement.

Chaos Theory is an appropriate title because because imposing order seems futile, and the very effort to do so appears to be a catalyst for destruction. A simple decision like “Steal the Money” looks like one that requires no debate regarding the moral implications. Later events seem to indicate that doing that would have saved you significant trouble for which you do have other mechanisms to combat. Your decisions can negatively effect some future outcomes yet positively effect others. Fascinating…

Breaking Boundaries

The Morning After

I trust they slept great last night

These two… are just ridiculously inseparable. Catastrophically inseparable, you might say… I do believe the artists had a great time composing their most intimate scenes, and generally playing with their intimacy. Like many games these days, they could not help but to introduce some same-sex controversy. What was once taboo is now expected in today’s thought-provoking art, which is typically how it goes. As you would imagine, you have the power to decide just how much is going on between you two. You by no means are required to choose between a relationship with a man or no relationship. You may also have a relationship with a woman or both relationships!

Kiss Chloe?

Um… yes?

Oh, how I rofled upon being faced with this life-changing decision. What kind of monster would not kiss this amazing human being, especially before she goes through all the crap you don’t even know she’s about to go through? And even if you decline her the honor, Chloe is 100% right in her suspicion that “You’ll probably just rewind and mack on me anyway”.

Your attraction to Chloe could be classified as “fatal”, or at least too close to death for comfort, especially given the scenario you face at the end of this episode. The choices you make reverberate, alright. Every action has an opposite reaction. What goes around comes around. If you go back in time to save your best friend’s father from certain death, things may not turn out the way you expect…

I did my best…


Most of my decisions were meant to preserve reputation and life, but one decision stood out against that spirit throughout time…

Choices 2

Really meant to take that photo and leave that mark. Always commit your changes to the past.

And of course, more highlights

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